In 2050, the population of cities is expected to be 6.3 billion. Booming growth is happening in developing countries, in particular. Twenty two out of 37 megacities will be in Asia. The archetype of this phenomenon is INDIA.

We at SMARU TECH LLP – understands Indian way, its necessities are committed to provide tools, products and services to realise the dream of a better world.

We operate & contribute in:

• Power
• Water
• Traffic management


We are working to meet the needs of customer now and in future by developing an adaptable and responsive electricity grid by working in:

• Power Management
• Renewable Generation

Electricity Demand is changing. The way we use electricity is changing with customers becoming more focussed on renewable and energy efficiency. Future technologies, such as, smart cars, in house energy generation (where individual customer become power producer through roof top solar/ wind/ hybrid technologies) will have an even bigger impact on energy use.

We want our customers to take advantage of all the technologies, we are working on to develop a network that will support these options – a smart grid.

What is Smart Grid?

A Smart Grid is a network that allows for a two way flow of information and electricity. Unlike a conventional network, a smart grid uses electronic devices to monitor, control its performance and feed information back to consumers and electricity utilities. It allows consumers to monitor their energy consumption, to contribute in energy generation and make better informed choices. It gives electric utilities real- time information on distribution network performance and individual customer consumptions. Also it enables utilities to keep an eye on energy generation through integrated hybrid renewable generation.

Automation and smart grid will play a key role in improving electric service reliability in the future, and SMARU’s smart grid products and services puts the customer in control of their utilities.


Water industry faces unique challenges. Water as we all know had become a precious commodity in today’s world. Resource scarcity and increasing demand represent opposite trends that could lead to catastrophic results. The need of the hour is conservation, data accuracy and timeliness, as well as operational efficiency.

SMARU supplies complete water smart meters and associated meter reading software for all applications.


With globalization and the need for mobility fuelling traffic growth all over the world, the problem of congestion, strains on infrastructure and the resulting impacts on individuals and the city as a whole is becoming a major burden on for people and the environment.

The practical problem for planners : how to address something as fundamental to the character of the cities as movement? It isn’t easy. In today’s cities, mobility is among the greatest challenges – and those challenges are increasing.

Smart Traffic Signal –

Smart traffic light is a system that combines existing technology with state of the art SMARU’s intelligence to create lights that truly thinks for themselves. These are advanced signalling devices positioned at pedestrian crossings, road intersections and other places to control the flow of traffic.